Philadelphia 76er’s Royal Ivey Helps Hundreds on Thanksgiving

On a cold Brisk Wednesday afternoon a hundred families lined up on 116th St & Adam Clayton Blvd, a Harlem street on the eve of Thanksgiving to receive turkey, can goods, stuffing, signed Auto graph and t-shirt from  Royal Ivey The Philadelphia 76er star, one time Harlem native. This is the second year the Royal Ivey Foundation has participated in distributing turkeys “Assist to Score” Turkey Give-Away. Royal Ivey was a resident of Harlem growing up on 118 Lenox Avenue he was very familiar to the neighborhood and seen how some families limited to resources during the holidays. “It’s important to me, growing up I always said I was going to give back if I had the opportunity.” Ivey said. That promised has been for filled giving away 100 turkeys, stuffing’s chickens, can goods with the assistance of his father Rod Ivey “My son grew up two blocks from here, he walked these streets he know s  how hard it can  be on a daily basis but today he made it a little easier for these families.”  People waited on line patiently waiting to receive their turkeys and auto graph shirts and picture.

One resident Michelle Mitchell said “This is wonderful what Royal is doing not to many players come back to the community, watching him grow up I knew he would be different “. That is a quality instilled in Royal from his mom and dad, who preached discipline, self sacrifice and reminded him being modest is the ultimate medicine to success. “My parents were the greatest inspiration a young kid growing up, they made me who I am today” Ivey says

“My Parents were the greatest inspiration a young kid growing up, they made me who I am today” says Ivey 


Going into his 9th N.B.A season Ivey and his foundation Continue to do work in the tri-state area for the past four years, hundreds of kids attend a free camp in the summer. This summer he intends to expand the number to the thousands and host one in Texas where he played his college ball at the University of Texas alongside his long time friend T.J Ford. “Great things are on the way, if we can accomplish something every day where on the right track.” says Ivey.

Royal Ivey continues to be a team player and it shows on and off the court. Well spoken, well mannered and well liked in the community. In the N.B.A known as the “quiet guy” doesn’t say much, doesn’t complain just produce. One hundred families may enjoy their Thanksgiving thanks to a generous donation some have hope for a better day and look forward to tomorrow knowing that someone still cares.